At the end of July happened the Hackes On Planet Earth Conference, or HOPE, with "dissent" as the main theme, with the keynote speakers being Daniel Ellsberg and Edward Snowden.

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I watched the talk where Ellsberg and Snowden both approach the theme "whistleblowing" and these are my thoughts:

What specifically can us designers and developers do, having the knowledge and the right tools, to contribute to a better world? How can we ensure the human rights in our applications and protocols we depend every day?

Snowden at HOPE X

We are professionals of technology in our area. We are the technology elite. Yet we don't know how our programs work. We trust the system to handle that for us. We need aim of efforts to the study of development of free software, where we have the liberty to explore the system unlimitedly. Its our responsibility to educate the people around us, for this we have to know how the system works We have the obligation of teaching people from our reach how to interact with technology thats secure, reliable and in a way that serves the interest of all of us.